Nirvana® Cloud#7: Deep Breathing Techniques & Exercises

Nirvana explained

A team of scientists including exercise, breathing & sound specialists have come up with a super effective & elegant solution to tackle a vast number of conditions all linked to insufficient cell oxygenation.

Background science

Science tells us that well over 80% of population is breathing wrong ... shallow and inefficient ... producing toxic waste products and further promoting dysfunction on a cellular level.

Who is it for?

Nirvana® Breathing Fitness is widely applicable to various groups, since sufficient oxygenation is vital for health & well being of every individual.

Research & reference

NirvanaFitness® is a holistic body & mind concept incorporating a vast amount of experience and science into a extremely efficient body workout and simple, yet fun way to reach a sense of profound relaxation of the mind.

Mission statement

NirvanaFitness® was born out of growing awareness about the importance of breathing and its ultimate influence on our lives.