Body oxygen check is the simplest way to measure body oxygenation level, which is the single most important indicator of your general health.

Assume relaxed position & follow guidelines:
- deep inhale through nose,
- deep exhale through pursed lips
- normal inhale (through nose),
- passive exhale (just let air passively out of your lungs) and hold breath.

Hold breath and measure time (follow visual counts in Body oxygen check video) until you feel first signs of air hunger. Ideally you should not feel out of breath at the end, you shoud be able to resume normal breathing rhythm.

Compare results in the table below:

Perform Body oxygen check each morning. Track your longterm result progression of your breathing retraining  over the course of weeks.

With each passing week, your results will improve. Ideally you should reach and maintain results between 50 and 60 seconds.

Results will grow steadily and your body oxygenation level will substantially improve.

Body oxygen check is also accessible within each of the programs.

(Theory behind)

Observe your Body Oxygen Check results. See for yourself how everyday events & breathing exercises influence your oxygenation!

Observe how it depends on general fatigue, stress level, whether you have eaten heavy food or drunk alcohol ... follow how possible alergic reactions to different foods or other irritants influences the results

You can additionaly perform Body oxygen check before and after each Nirvana sequence to see and feel the difference of the specific intervention.